How does #nekkasartcollab work?

    December 27, 2017

    I’m starting a monthly art collab, an idea suggested by my sister! It’s a fun way to come up with a drawing and have no idea how it’ll turn out! ? If anyone’s interested in continuing off my drawing, you’re welcome to join on Discord! I will tag all artists who contribute to the drawing  and post it to Instagram ? Here you can see the progress and collaboration of our current monthly drawing!

    If you’re interested in contributing, please join the channel below:

    ⭐ How it works:

    • Join the Discord channel ( to start participating. You don’t need to create an account.
    • Each person gets 5-10 minutes on the drawing then it gets passed to the next artist in the group. Draw as much or little as you like, but remember 10 mins max!
    • You’re welcome to use any medium you like, the end result can be mixed media. Print the original, draw your part for 5-10 minutes, then upload a link to the final (One Drive / Dropbox / WeTransfer) and post it here.
    • You can add more characters if you like, but no erasing what’s already been drawn!
    • You’re welcome to post it wherever you like with #nekkasartcollab
    • I will post the final drawing on Instagram and tag all artists. If you want to be tagged, please comment your insta username with your drawing, if not, just leave empty and I won’t tag you ?
    • Remember to have fun, the idea is to keep the randomness alive!

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