What would my art taste like?

I posted this on my instagram account to see how my art was respresented and received. It was such a fun interaction to see all the responses you guys came up with!

Got any more ideas? Comment below!

Here's a fun and curious question! If my art were edible, what do you think it would taste like? πŸ’•β €

Fairy floss 😊
— duyendel
Cotton candy
— cate._.plom
Lemon sherbet but with a tinge of chloroform
— burningranga94
Jelly beans
— lesliemehlart
sour bubblegum
— mamaheartsbuggy
Cotton candy
— janeannealexsandra
Definitely a slice of frosted cake!! πŸŽ‚πŸ°
— lusiontastic
Superman ice cream 🍦 love your work!!
— akatielynngallery
it’s a rainbow sherbet πŸ˜‹
— akatielynngallery
Unicorn blood
— _thesweetdemon_
Lemon drops! Sweet with a kick!
— _famous._.amos_
Bubblegum all day πŸ˜‚
— jmcudk
Cotton candy
— cate._.plom
Nutty πŸ’•
— blythealley
Bubblegum! Anything sweet really- but maybe something when you get to the middle you have a sour taste
— katiebevann
Deliciously creepy in a nice way!
— dappledandie
Bubblegum flavoured fairy floss, but with a hint of sour grape
— apocalypticfish
— dappledandie
Smells like Japanese bubblegum but upon chewing explodes into tangy toadstool and spicy gingery jackfruit
— sugar.donut.puss
Semisweet Root beer with gentle herbal undertones of fennel, red clover, sage, and meadowsweet
— phlyd
It’s a lozenge.
— phlyd
Skittles! Lovely colors and diffrent tastes πŸ™‚
— mizanzkrypin
Uhhh bubblegum and cloves.
— shireensaudaminimubayi
Pop rocks because its full of spark.
— marlyna_1996
Umm, lemon pie? 😎
— richbarnard2


Bubblegoth artist πŸ–€
Alien princess πŸ‘½
Plushie hoarder 🧸
Ornithologist by day πŸ₯š 
Vampire by night πŸ§›πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Bunny whisperer βœ¨πŸ‡
Curator of the creepy πŸ•·