Rise of the Drooling Ghostbunnies

April apparel updates and other upcoming goodies!

Greetings my fellow aliens (and earthlings)! 👽 Thank you all for following me on this imaginary journey through my illustrated wonderland! I've got some new store updates I've just released! 👻 I have so many goals for the year to come, and am so appreciative of everyone who has joined me and supported me along this journey! I never imagined I'd make so many friends with all of you animal-lovers and art enthusiasts! 🖤


Don't drool!

They're only a bunny hop away... ðŸ°

I've been working on some new sweatshirts with my super adorable and creepy little ghost bunnies! Ghostbunny sweatshirts come in all colours and sizes!

Here's my little ghost bunny on a sweatshirt drooling over his lost carrot! 🐇🥕 He may be un-boo-lievably cute, but be careful, if he doesn't get fed enough carrots he just might eat you! 😨 On the other hand, if he gets too many he may lick your face wet 🤷🏻‍♀️ Would you trick him or treat him? 👻 It's your choice! You too could look un-boo-lievably cute in your very own own ghostbunny sweatshirt! But beware and wear at your own risk! 😉